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1. 外贸函电英语


2. 外贸函电英语

3. 外贸英语函电

1. Please draw on us for the amount of your invoice and attache the documents listed below to your draft.
2. We propose to pay by D/A at 30 d/s.
3. We agree to accept the goods in 3 shipments and you may draw on us at 60 d/s from the date of despatch of each shipment.
4. Payment is to be made agains sight draft drawn under a confirmed, irrevocable L/C for the full invoice amount.
5. As the goods undre S / C No. 3456 have been ready for quite some time, please open your L /C without delay.
6. It would be advisable for you to establish the covering L ? C as early as possible so as to enable us to effect shipment in due time.
7. It is our custom to accept orders against confirmed irrevocable letters of credit, valid for at least 21 days beyond the prescribed date fo shipment.
8. It is invariably our policy to execute orders against a confirmed irrevocable letter of credit. For the sake of helping you in promoting sales, we are now giveing you a special accommodation by granting the terms of D / P. You are resquested to effec immediate payment on the presentation of our draft.
9. We have opened an L /C in your favour through the Bank of China for an amount of $ 17,000 to cover the full CIF value of our order No. 743.
10. For the short amount of your L / C No. 90683 opened through the Standard Charactered Bank, we shall not ask you to increase the amount but will draw a clean draft on you for that amount.
11. Considering the small amount involved, we are prepared, as an exception, to accept payment by D / P at sight for the value of your first trial order.
12. For this sample shipment, we will draw on you at 30 days sight but this cannot be taken as a precedent for future shipment.
13. We regret being unable to consider your request for payment on D / A basis, the reason being that we generally accept payment by L /C at sight. Taking into consideration the good relations between us, we are prepared to accept payment for this order by D / P at sight.
14. If the amount of each transaction is below US $ 500 or its equivalent at the conversion rate then prevailing, we agree to D / A 30 days term.
15. Regarding terms of payment, we should like to advis you that payment by collection is acceptable. However, 80% are to be paid against teh presentation of the shipping documents while the remaining 20% are to be paid on presentation of the Acceptance Report signed by the Sellers' engineer and the endusers' representative at the installation site.


4. 什么是外贸函电?

5. 外贸英语函电的翻译

To whom it may concern: 
Attached is the PO CHJ 770402 of beef and mutton on May 9, 2004. 
Please be noted the following points: 
1. The total amount for PO is USD 43,470.
2. 10% of discount of more than 100 thousand kilograms purchased is deducted from the total amount of PO. 
3. Ship before Jun 10, 2004. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 
Best regards, 


6. 外贸英文函电



书后附有常用外贸缩略语及国际商会跟单信用证统一惯例第600号出版物。 《外贸英文函电》既可供普通高等院校及高职、高专院校商务英语专业、国际贸易专业的学生使用,也可供准备参加BEc等各类商务英语考试的考生及外贸从业人员阅读。

7. 外贸函电专业英语词汇

         drawer 出票人
         principal 委托人
         drawee 付款人
         consignee 受托人
         truster 信托人
         acceptor 承兑人
         trustee 被信托人
         endorser 背书人
         discount 贴现
         endorsee 被背书人
         endorse 背书
         holder 持票人
         payment 支付,付款
         to pay 付款,支付,偿还
         dishonour 拒付
         deferred payment 延期付款
         progressive payment 分期付款
         payment on terms 定期付款
         payment agreement 支付协定
         pay order 支付凭证
         payment order 付款通知
         payment by banker 银行支付
         payment by remittance 汇拨支付
         payment in part 部分付款
         payment in full 全部付讫
         clean payment 单纯支付
         simple payment 单纯支付
         payment by installment 分期付款
         payment respite 延期付款
         payment at maturity 到期付款
         payment in advance 预付(货款)
         Cash With Order (C.W.O) 随订单付现
         Cash On Delivery (C.O.D) 交货付现
         Cash Against document. (C.A.D) 凭单付现
         pay on delivery (P.O.D) 货到付款
         payment in kind 实物支付
         payment for (in) cash 现金支付,付现
         pay...Co. only 仅付...公司
         pay...Co. not negotiable 付...公司,不准疏通
         pay...Co. or order (pay to the order of...Co.) 付...公司或其指定人
         refusal 拒绝
         the refusal of payment 拒付
         the bank interest 银行利息
         decline 下降,下跌
         something goes wrong 某事上出问题,出现差错
         commodity 产品
         convenient 方便的
         discount 贴现
         draft 汇票
         Promisory Note 本票
         cheque 支票
         clean bill 光票
         document.ry bill 跟单汇票
         Sight Bill 即期汇票
         Time Bill 远期汇票
         Usance Bill 远期汇票
         Commercial Bill 商业汇票
         Banker's Bill 商业汇票
         Banker's Bill 银行汇票
         Commercial Acceptance Bill 商业承兑汇票
         Bankers' Acceptance Bill 银行承兑汇票
         invoice 发票
         Performer Invoice 形式发票
         Sample Invoice 样品发票
         Consignment Invoice 寄售发票
         Recipe Invoice 收妥发票
         Certified Invoice 证明发票
         Manufacturers' Invoice 厂商发票
         At sight 即期,见票即付
         At...days (month)after sight 付款人见票后若干天(月)付款
         At...days sight 付款人见票后若干天即付款
         At...days after date 出票后若干天付款
         At...days after B/L 提单签发后若干天付款
         remittance 汇付
         Mail transfer (M/T) 信汇
         Demand Draft (D/D) 票汇
         Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) 电汇
         collection 托收
         clean Bill for Collection 光票托收
         document.ry Bill for Collection 跟单托收
         Uniform Rules for Collection 《托收统一规则》
         Collection Advice 托收委托书
         Advice of Clean Bill for Collection 光票托收委托书
         Collection Bill Purchased 托收出口押汇
         Trust Receipt 信托收据
         copy 副本
         original 正本document. against Payment (D/P) 付款交单
         document. against Payment at Sight (D/P sight) 即期付款交单
         document. against Payment after Sight (D/P sight) 远期付款交单
         document. against Acceptance (D/A) 承兑交单
         dealing 交易,生意
         sales-purchasing 促销,推销
         stage 阶段,过程
         destination 目的地
         to make exception 例外
         Cash Against Payment 凭单付款
         Letter of Credit (L/C) 信用证
         form of credit 信用证形式
         Terms of validity 信用证效期
         Expiry Date 效期
         Date of issue 开证日期
         L/C amount 信用证金额
         L/C number 信用证号码
         to open by airmail 信开
         to open by cable 电开
         to open by brief cable 简电开证
         to amend L/C 修改信用证
         fixed L/C or fixed amount L/C 有固定金额的信用证
         Sight L/C 即期信用证
         Usance L/C 远期信用证
         Buyer's Usance L/C 买方远期信用证
         Traveler's L/C 旅行信用证
         Revocable L/C 可撤消的信用证
         Irrevocable L/C 不可撤消的信用证
         Confirmed L/C 保兑的信用证
         Unconfirmed L/C 不 保兑的信用证
         Confirmed Irrevocable L/C 保兑的不可撤消信用证
         Irrevocable Unconfirmed L/C 不可撤消不保兑的信用证
         Transferable L/C 可转让信用证
         Untransferable L/C 不可转让信用证
         Revolving L/C 循环信用证
         Reciprocal L/C 对开信用证
         Back to Back L/C 背对背信用证
         Countervailing credit (俗称)子证
         Overriding credit 母证
         Banker's Acceptance L/C 银行承兑信用证
         Trade Acceptance L/C 商业承兑信用证
         Red Clause L/C 红条款信用证
         Anticipatory L/C 预支信用证
         Credit payable by a trader 商业付款信用证
         Credit payable by a bank 银行付款信用证
         usance credit payment at sight 假远期信用证
         Uniform Customs and Practice for document.ry Credits 跟单信用证统一惯例
         I.C.C. Publication No.400 第400号出版物
         Credit with T/T Reimbursement Clause 带有电报索汇条款的信用证
         method of reimbursement 索汇方法
         without recourse 不受追索
         Opening Bank' Name & Signature 开证行名称及签字
         beneficiary 受益人
         guarantor 保证人
         Exporter's Bank 出口方银行
         Importer's Bank 进口方银行
         Seller's Bank 卖方银行
         Buyer's Bank 买方银行
         Paying Bank 付款行,汇入行
         Remitting Bank 汇出行
         Opening Bank 开证行
         Issuing Bank 开证行
         Advising Bank 通知行
         Notifying Bank 通知行
         Negotiating Bank 议付行
         Drawee Bank 付款行
         Confirming Bank 保兑行
         Presenting Bank 提示行
         Transmitting Bank 转递行
         Accepting Bank 承兑行
         Additional Words and Phrases
         pay bearer 付给某人
         bearer 来人
         payer 付款人
         consignee 受托人
         consignor 委托人
         endorsement 背书
         bailee 受托人,代保管人
         payment against document. 凭单付款
         payment against document. through collection 凭单托收付款
         payment by acceptance 承兑付款
         payment by bill 凭汇票付款
         Letter of Guarantee (L/G) 保证书
         Bank Guarantee 银行保函
         Contract Guarantee 合约保函
         Payment Guarantee 付款保证书
         Repayment Guarantee 还款保证书
         Import Guarantee 进口保证书
         Tender/Bid Guarantee 投标保证书
         Performance Guarantee 履约保证书
         Retention Money Guarantee 保留金保证书
         document. of title to the goods 物权凭证
         Authority to Purchase (A/P) 委托购买证
         Letter of Indication 印鉴核对卡
         Letter of Hypothecation 质押书
         General Letter of Hypothecation 总质押书


8. 外贸英文函电的内容简介